Owners, Randy and Lisa Deal

Poodle Information

Thank you for your interest in Rock Creek Royal Poodles. We raise our poodles on our family farm. Our poodles are free to run and play on our 3 acre home place. Our poodles are bred to be working, well built, athletic, large poodles. We take pride in choosing the parents of our poodles wisely to build athletic built, large poodles that are very intelligent. Our poodles should weigh over 60 pounds and be at least 28 inches tall from the floor to the top of their shoulders. AKC does not recognize the royal as a size. AKC recognizes, toy, miniature and standard. The Royal is a way of letting you know these are the larger size standard poodles.

Our puppies will be registered by AKC or CKC registration. We have the registrations listed on our breeding pages. All of our breeding poodles will be health and DNA tested by Embark. You will receive a copy of the health certificate on the parents when you take your puppy home. The price for each puppy varies. We have the price listed on our breeding poodles page. We will offer full breeding rights with approval. There is an extra charge for our breeding rights on our AKC puppies. We do not require a deposit until the puppies are born. However, we do have a waiting list. We will accept deposits before the puppies are born if you would like to be placed in a specific order of picking your puppy. This deposit is refundable if your puppy is not produced in the litter you name is on. If you would like to be on our waiting list, please feel out our application. The link to the application is at the bottom of this page as well as all pages of this website. We allow your to pick your puppy out here on our farm. However, we also allow you to pick your puppy out by pictures and videos. As soon as you choose your puppy, we ask that you pay a nonrefundable deposit to hold your puppy. We do reserve the right to reserve first and second pick for ourselves. You are under no obligation if you are on my waiting list to purchase a puppy. When the puppies arrive, I will send a message to everyone on our list along with pictures. I will ask you to choose your puppy and make your $500 deposit. This will hold your puppy. At this point, this deposit will be nonrefundable. I prefer all deposits to be mailed by check, cashiers check or money order. I will not accept a check for final payment. The deposit amount goes towards the price of your puppy as a down payment. The remainder will be due when you receive your puppy. We ask that you pay the remainder due in CASH. We disagree with a lot of breeders on waiting to see the puppies personality. They do have personalities starting very early on. These are poodles. They are one of the smartest breeds out there. They will want to please you. They will take on your personality and be the best fit for you. You really can’t go wrong with any pick. With the technology we have today, we will let you video chat with your puppy as often as possible. This way your puppy will know your voice and be ready when you take your puppy home. This is why it is important in my opinion for you to make your selection as soon as you can. We currently own 9 poodles. They all have different personalities, but they all fit with our family. Your poodle will fit with your personality too. Our poodle mama’s start the weening process at 4 weeks. She has completely weened them at 6 weeks. I watch the puppies so close every day. At 6 weeks old, they start to bond with me and our family. They are ready to go home and give you lots of puppy love at 6 weeks.

Your puppy will be taken care of by our family until it goes home. We will weigh them almost every day and record their weight and any comments that we have. We love and play with the puppies every day. There are 4 poodle loving adults on our farm that love to socialize your puppy. We will send the records that we keep as well as my vet records and vet health check home with you. If we see a problem, we will call our local vet immediately. We will let you know if there are ever any problems. We will be very transparent with you throughout the entire process. They will have their tails docked and dew claws removed. Our vet will make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations. They will also have a vet health check. Our puppies will never see the dirt ground until they have had their vaccinations. We don’t want to risk your puppy of getting Parvovirus. They will be on a minimum of receiving wormer at least every 2 weeks. We start bathing your puppy at 4 weeks. They will be used to being bathed, hair dried, and brushed. We do try to have some of our friends, children come play with the puppies to have them ready for children.

We will stay in touch with you even after your puppy is home to make sure everything is going well. We do have a couple of people we use to transport pets. We will transport to most places in the United States. I am happy to supply you the names and phone numbers of the transports we use. You are certainly welcome to use anyone of your choice. However, I do want to visit with your transport before you exchange any money. I just want to make sure our puppies are traveling in a safe environment. Transporting any and all puppies will be at the buyers expense. We also ask that if you come to our place to not bring your pets onto our property. We really would love to see them but to keep our farm safe, we ask you to not bring them.

We will make two free trips to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to deliver puppies. One trip will be at 6 weeks, the other will be at 8 weeks. As soon as the puppies are born, I will let you know our delivery dates so that you can make arrangements. We can meet other places as well upon approval. Please don’t let distance keep you from purchasing one of our wonderful poodles. We can always come up with a plan for travel. If you cannot meet on one of our dates we set up to meet in Oklahoma City, we will charge $100 to make a special trip. We do everything we can to accommodate everyone’s travel schedules. Airport trips are always free.

All about Rock Creek Royal Poodles

We reserve the right to make changes to our pricing and breeding program without notification to you.

We strive to do our best to produce large size standard poodles. Poodle colors do change. They usually fade. We do our best to produce large sizes with non-fading colors. However, we will not guarantee the size your puppy will be nor that their color will stay the same.


171333 East County Rd 59 Shattuck, Oklahoma 73858 580-660-4100 rockcreekroyalpoodles@gmail.com

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